The Art of Richard L. Goettling  

Art of the Dream
Some Spirits are forces of direction which conquer and change everything. Those elaborate of all spirits, the ones who cause waves of feeling operate outside of their dreams; they themselves are the dreamers, who swim outside. To ride DreamSideOut may be my ultimate aim. more >

Birth, Nurturing, Rebirth
Introducing two iconic images titled “Madoniel”, and “Baptismurel”, which embody the ageless themes of birth, nurturing, death and rebirth. These prints represent the beginning of a series of Spiritual images executed in the intuitive automatic approach by visionary artist Richard L. Goettling. In his own words he says; “I never plan an image. I start with marks on paper and follow their direction. I am often amazed and even perplexed at where I end up. The images emerge from an inner conversation. The most satisfying aspect of this activity is when somebody else sees things in the work that I never thought of myself. This is exciting to me because it suggests a consciousness which extends beyond physical limitations. It causes me to wonder who is really creating the image. On a few occasions I have created portraits in this manner and later I have met the person in the portrait. more >

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New Works